Just When You Feel Like Giving Up

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time. – Thomas A. Edison

You know, plenty of times, artists have come to me crying, pouring their hearts out, talking about how one bad thing happened after the next in the pursuit of their musical dreams. I have lent many a shoulder, have given many a tissue, and have always given the same advice to all of them, such as quoted above.

The truth is that there will always be obstacles, with anything in life. And with anything in life, if everything were EASY, then it really isn’t worth it…am I right? The hard is what makes it good. The hard, is what makes it great. Wasn’t that in a movie I saw once? Oh, I can’t remember, but this quote struck a chord with me and I have uttered the words many times to my dreamers.

As I type away from behind my desk, shielded and relatively unknown to the world, in pursuit of my own dreams of helping my indie artists become more successful, I realize that I am human as well, and have also thought once or twice about stopping this train and just moving on to something else. “It’s so hard”, I think to myself some days. I see the frustrations in my artists own personal journeys and I wish to press a magic button to make all their dreams come true, and then I realize no, it just can’t be like that. The lessons and things to be learned are all in the pursuit of your dreams. And that’s a quote from me.

Just earlier this week, one of my artists had expressed to me their disappointment with their current situation and thought about just putting their music on the back burner for now and concentrating on their job. I advised them that all they had to do was to think about what was best for them, and while I was disappointed myself in learning this news, I advised that at any given moment, things could change, and seriously, just like that, the next day, everything changed for them, in a positive way. After a great turn of events, they called me up and said, “You know Jilli, you were absolutely right. The hard really is what makes it great”. I smiled on the phone, closed my eyes, said a little thank you towards the sky, and said, “Ok, now let’s get to work”.

The point is, all my darling Indie Artists, there will be so many reasons why you want to quit. There will be so many reasons why you feel like it will never happen. But, there will always be the one reason why you should never quit: PASSION. If you are passionate about your music, and passionate about your craft, then giving up is never an option. Never.-Jilli