URL- Uganda Rap League

TCP is pleased and honored to present, the URL- Uganda Rap League. In order to find out more about this incredible group of artists, please read the EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with Oki Foever below!


Jilli- What is the URL?

Oki- The Uganda rap League is a Hip-hop based organization that provides a platform to the youth to stimulate creativity confidence positivity and talent through rap battle and community out reaches.

Jilli- How and when was it founded?

Oki- There are so many youths in Uganda, most of them talented with the gift of emceeing, but barely no platform to express their voices. We have been like this for a long time, just doing cyphers in the communities most of the time, but nothing really serious to expose talent and to earn a living from. I remember in early March 2015  is when I thought of an idea for starting Uganda Rap League. It started very small, only attended by some rappers and a few of their friends, because we were using a venue that wasn’t accessible to the general communities. It’s not because we did not want to get an accessible venue, but we did not have any resources to afford sound, stage, and a prize to give to the winners until I met Neal Kelley, CEO of Raven Broadcast Radio in Atlanta, Georgia, who had seen what we were doing and when I talked to him about it, he offered us the support to be able to organize the events from stage, sound, venue fee and most of all, prizes for winners, which has created an employment opportunity and hope of a better life for many youth here.


Jilli- What is the URL all about and what is its purpose?

Oki- It’s all about creating hope for our youth, equipping them with confidence, creativity, and unity so that they can use that in their day to day lives and create job opportunities and expose their talents to the world.

Jilli- What is the overall mission of the URL and what are the goals for the future?

Oki- The mission for URL is to see that Hip-Hop culture in the Ugandan youth gets recognized. Also, to bring positive change among youth in different communities in the country. Our future goals are to be able to bridge the gap between African and African-Americans through being able to organize Hip-Hop summits, where we will have African and African-American people connect and meet.


Jilli- Can you describe what the inspiration was for this group starting?

Oki- Being young with a lot of energy and wanting to do some positive things with our lives, seeing what Hip-Hop has done all across the world, it has healed and mended broken hearts. That’s our main inspiration.  We want to heal broken hearts in Uganda and all other parts of Africa.

Jilli- How many members are there in the group and can you talk about some of them?

Oki- Jay Sentino– He is one of the best freestyling rappers and a good song writer. He has won the End of the Weak Mic Challenge and represented Africa on the world finals and also presents at News Beat Ug, a tv show on Ntv Uganda. 

Shemy B- Is very talented Hip-Hop artist and just put out his 1st album called the Street Identity.

JDM- He won the End of the Weak Mic Challenge in 2013 and is a member of Team Fresh House.

Leaky Stone- is a young, talented rapper and beatboxer with an anthem called Zendya zivamuntyo,  meaning “what I eat comes from sweat”, a song inspiring youth to work hard.

Yau ming, Space Style, Zamunda, Gutujja, JDM, Big JJ, Fick, MC Brayo, MC Blessings, Mcm Evo, Habo, BigSam, The Preacher, Gold MC, Ram MC, Ladu MC and so many more.

Jilli- Where is the URL primarily located? Are there any plans for international tours or travel?

Oki- We are primarily located in Kampala, the capital city of Uganda. We plan on doing tours and travel in the near future. Neal is already connecting us to many different artist around the world.



Jilli- Where can people hear music from the URL?

Oki- https://soundcloud.com/uganda-rap-league

Jilli- Are there any plans for collaborations with artists in other countries?

Oki- Yes, they are many plans for collaborations in other countries like with TNT The Nasty Tone we love his music so much and we hope to work with him very soon, and many more other artists.


Jilli- What do you want the world to know about URL?

Oki- That hip hop is alive and well in Uganda and to show the world that hip hop in Uganda is creative as Hip-Hop anywhere in the world.

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It’s time you all learned about Hip-Hop from another perspective, from all the way across the world. In Uganda, the URL- Uganda Rap League, is all about Hip-Hop, and using it as a tool to help their youth to promote positive things and the pursuit of a positive life through music. I am pleased to have had this interview with Oki Foever, the founder of the URL, and I am extremely honored and pleased to present this special feature to the TCP Community.– Jilli