Up Close With Bobby Simmons


Today I got to interview a very special guest- Mr. Bobby Simmons from the first Hip-Hop Band- Stetsasonic. Below is my interview with this incredibly talented and comedic musician and radio emcee.

Jilli- Bobby Simmons from Stetsasonic! Can you tell me about you and your
Stetsasonic beginnings?

Bobby- My beginnings with Stetsasonic started back in 1986. We grew up in Brooklyn, in the Brownsville projects and Daddy O, the leader of the group, recruited all of us together.

Jilli-  That is so awesome. How did you get involved with music and what or who inspired you to become a drummer?

Bobby- I got involved in music through my older brother who played the guitar. I liked the drums because of the big sound, so I learned how to play drums- teaching myself how to play.

Jilli- I listened to your online radio show on Party 101.9. Tell me how that started and what that experience is like? You seem to have a very loyal following, which is important in this industry.

Bobby- I got involved with Radio station Party 101.9 Radio from a guy who worked at a TV station when I was doing a video show in the 90’s called Flava Videos. He later called me and said, “Listen, I’m creating an online streaming radio show and want you to come on board”. In the beginning I didn’t believe in online streaming, but the audience proved me wrong.

Jilli- That is for certain. I was amazed at the engagement of your listeners and all the fun you were having with them. Can you tell me who some of your influences are?

Bobby- In music, my influences are Prince, Michael JacksonEarth Wind & Fire, and James Brown. Wow!! There are too many Lol!

Jilli- I can certainly agree with that. These artists are timeless. So are there any plans for Stetsasonic, touring dates, new music?

Bobby- Yes plans for Stetsasonic touring are for Europe at the near end of 2018 and new music, too.

Jilli- Very good. I am glad to hear of that. Tell me more about your Mic Check One Two With Bobby Simmons. What is that platform about and what are your visions for it?

Bobby- The vision for Mic Check One Two With Bobby Simmons Facebook page is to give new, and veteran entertainment artists, a platform to let the audience know what they doing and support lost new music because it’s crazy that new music is out there, but there’s no promotion. You can’t find it! I would like to continue to provide a platform for that.

Jilli- I have to absolutely agree with you on that one, Bobby. It is definitely a treasure hunt to find new music and new and interesting artists. So aside from music and radio, what other interests do you have?

Bobby- SEX!!! AND MO SEX!!!!! Lmao 🙂 🙂 I’m joking… I think Lol! No, but comedy.  I used to do stand-up comedy in the early 90’s at a comedy club in New York. Myself and Tracey Morgan started together.

Jilli- Ha Ha Ha! You are hilarious! Tracey Morgan! I didn’t know that. You must have some amazing stories! Bobby, how do you feel about the music industry today and what the state of current Hip-Hop music is?

Bobby- I feel there is a lack of originality and no artist development. Hip-Hop has no color in the art, no more meaning, no diversity. But I do like a few in Hip-Hop and R&B today.

Jilli- What do you want people to know about you and your band?

Bobby- Stetsasonic was the first Original Hip Hop Band. It is a documented fact!

Jilli- If you had any one wish in the world when it came to music, what would it be?

Bobby- Millennials! Be inspired and find your OWN creativity.

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