Old School


So what is happening in the world of Hip-Hop music? I remember when Hip-Hop used to be music that took you to another dimension with dope lyrics and legit delivery. Legends like Kool Moe Dee, Big Daddy Kane, Rakim, Run DMC, Gang Starr, Common, Nas, KRS One, Whodini, LL Cool J, Fresh Prince, Slick Rick, they all had heavy influence on lovers and imitators of the game, and were also influenced themselves by the greats.

When you say “Hip-Hop” now, and especially “Old School”, most people who don’t really know about Hip-Hop culture and roots would probably mention Tupac and Biggie right away. While these artists were phenomenal in their own right, with great individual tracks and contributions to the music, people need to remember the real history, to know how it all started, and to remember that it isn’t just about the music, but about the culture.

I had the opportunity to see KRS One live in concert. He is an incredible performer and really knows how to work the crowd. His rhythm and delivery cannot be compared to anyone in the game, that’s my opinion, however, if you ever had a chance to go see him live, you know exactly what I mean. His lyrics mean something. They could be just words, but because he knows how to project and deliver, they become something else entirely, lyrics that hit home and make you think. That’s REAL Hip-Hop. When I can go home, and need to look up the music from an artist as soon as I get in, that’s when I know I am a fan.



Now, with the industry the way that it has become, lovers of real Hip-Hop don’t really get to hear that kind of Hip-Hop on mainstream radio. There are many artists claiming to make Hip-Hop music, but it really isn’t. One cannot classify an apple as a basketball. They both might be round in shape, but they are definitely NOT the same thing, not even in the same category. In order to hear the real Hip-Hop that most of us thirst for, we need to hit up the indie stations, online radio stations, artist websites, and find out about concerts and appearances from there. What I would give to hear a local radio station play the real joints that I am used to. Backspin on Sirius Radio is my only solace. -Jilli



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