Up Up- Ingrid Smith aka Eclipse and Thirl Hupp

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Name: Ingrid Smith aka Eclipse and Thirl Hupp, Composer Michael Winter, and Award Winning Producer Frank Starchak

Title of Song/Album: Up Up

Release Date: March 16, 2017

Where Can We Hear It: https://youtu.be/kykp6iIWZ34

Any Tidbits You Want Us To Know:

“Not traveling with a band, but I’m making music with collaborations for the love and passion for lyrics and music. I call the style Transcendence.  In the meantime, I got the title “Queen of Transcendence“, which makes me smile, because I never expected that as an Indie singer. Why Transcendence? Because the combination of music and lyrics is very important for me, so one finds all kinds of style in the variety of my music, from Hip-Hop, over to Classical mash-ups, to EDM, Dance, or just reviving a little bit of happiness from the 80’s like in the song UP UP.

This collaboration, which developed into a winner, being not only licensed by songtradr.com, but also in partnership with Play Network, one of the largest in-store-music-suppliers, representing over 425 brands in 110,000 locations in 125 countries touching 100 million people every day. It is also being played now on FM Stations and EAE Radio Networks, as well as in many internet Radio Stations in the USA and Overseas.

My goal for my collaborators and I is that we are looking for marketing companies for TV shows, movies and TV commercials. We all have our jobs and like to do music to make the world a better place ……so far we were lucky, having several songs now not only licensed, but also shortlisted and in stages of final selections with various music supervisors.”

How Can People Connect With You on Social Media: 

YouTube: youtube.com/TheIngridSmith
Facebook: facebook.com/eclipsethesongmaker
Twitter: twitter.com/therajewels
Instagram: instagram.com/therajewels