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A review of LIME & COKE, by TNT Tha Nasty Tone



Jilli- First off, TNT, thank you for agreeing to interview with me today and tell me about your music. When I first came upon your song, Lime & Coke, I found myself moving right away to the beat. The song is catchy and has a great hook. Plus the visuals for the video were on point. Tell me, how did you come up with the concept for this song?

Tha Nasty Tone- Well first, allow me to thank you for taking time out of your schedule to make this happen. To answer your question, Lime & Coke came from my family. It’s like a hunch punch, a smooth drink that’s mellow. Captain Morgan’s Parrot Bay is mixed with any flava of your choice. We would play cards on Sunday and enjoy the drink. So it was only right that I made a song about it. Working on my album at the time, I came across a track that had that deep, bottom, dirty south sound you wanna play in your ride. Then, I could hear it being played in several clubs. So I listened to it over and over again, then finally I reverted back to where it felt right. Shout out to ATL Sounds for the track.

Jilli- A hunch punch?? That’s something I have to try! Ok, so now tell me a little bit about you. I did read your bio and you have quite a bit of history of performing with well-known people in the industry. How did all of that come to be and what are you doing now?

Tha Nasty Tone- All of that was a blessing. Right place, right time. It was meant to be. Right now, I’m working on my album, movie scripts, and learning how to act.

Jilli- Learning how to act? That’s pretty interesting. Ok, so inquiring minds want to know, how did you come up with the name TNT Tha Nasty Tone? I’ve listened to some of your tracks on Reverbnation, and I didn’t feel like any of them were “nasty” per se! But, it’s definitely something to remember.

Tha Nasty Tone- I was aspiring to be a DJ at first. I saw a DJ that had two Technic turntables and a Nu-Mark mixer. I loved what he was doing, so that’s how TNT was born, it was my DJ name. Tha Nasty Tone came from a rap battle. Me and this guy was going at it. After beating him, my homeboy “DJ Diamond Ice” said, “Damn, you’re nasty, Tone”. It stuck cause’ “nasty” stands for “nice as sh** to you”.

Jilli- Woah! Ok! I thank you for that clarification! Haha! Ok, so can you tell me who some of your biggest influences in music are? Is it all just related to Hip-Hop, or have you been exposed to other genres of music that have influenced your style?

Tha Nasty Tone- Well I like everything from Rock to Pop, to jazz to Hip Hop. Anything soothing to the ears.

Jilli- I love Jazz and Rock myself. Ok, so who can you say is one of your favorite artists that you channel and can you tell me what artist you would love to perform with and why?

Tha Nasty Tone- I love watching Big Daddy Kane, but if I could, I would love to perform with KRS One. He’s an attention grabber. It’s like learning Hip-Hop 101 with him. It’s like with him, your very best is only your second best next to him.

Jilli- KRS One. He is quite incredible, I have to agree with you on that. But, I saw one of your performances on YouTube in Jacksonville, was it? That seemed like a very exciting show. The crowd seemed to really enjoy you. Can you tell me what that was like and how you feel about performing for people?

Tha Nasty Tone- I love to perform. I’m from the old school where performance meant something, so I would study artists and learn from them. Michael Jackson, Kiss, Queen, Earth Wind & Fire, LL Cool J, Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, Kool G Rap, KRS One, Run DMC, Kool Moe Dee, Whodini, I can go on forever lol. When I perform, sometimes I am in awe of the reaction from the crowd. Sometimes, it’s hard to get through the performance because you feel like tearing up when the crowd feels your energy and you give it right back. It’s unexplainable.

Jilli- Oh wow, that’s so inspiring. I can’t even imagine what that feels like. So what are some of your goals for working in this industry and what other interests do you have?

Tha Nasty Tone- I love working with people. I love helping anybody willing to learn, especially females because I hate to see them being taken advantage of. This industry is not female friendly. I wrote two movie scripts that I’m really excited about. I’m praying to see them both get some light.

Jilli- Ok, ok. I definitely look forward to that. I am certain your fans will, too. I love that you are pro-female, not because I am a female, but because you show respect. That is very admirable.  I like the collaboration between you and Aissa Torres on Secret, a song I heard just browsing her Reverbnation one day. Can you tell me how that came to be and can we expect any more collaborations between you and her, or with you and any other artists?

Tha Nasty Tone- Aissa and I have a lot of collaborations together. I really like working with her because we vibe with each other very well. The song Secretreally was an accident. I always like to be inspired, so when I was in the studio with Aissa, she was recording Secret in the booth. I was just listening, then I started writing lines, thinking like if she did a remix to it, I’d be ready. Didn’t know it would be that night, but Aissa and Frank Starchak (Aissa’s Engineer), both said something was missing. Then I opened my big mouth and I laid my verse down, and they was like “yep that’s what’s missing” lol.  Frank then told me to get in the booth. The rest is history.

Jilli- Haha! I like that! So it really was meant to be on that. That’s awesome. Now when it comes to representation, who is your management team and what can you tell me about them?

Tha Nasty Tone- Big Dreams Entertainment, LLC is the label I’m signed to. Donnell Chandler and Selwyn Williams are my managers. It was their idea to make the video for Lime & Coke happen. They believed in the song and they realized it needed a nice visual to make the song pop. It’s doing pretty well.

Jilli- I definitely agree with that. The video is what captured my attention and made me search for you to find out who you were! So , where else can people hear your song, buy it, and when will you be on tour, or are you already on tour? What are the plans for this song?

Tha Nasty Tone- Hopefully you’ll hear it soon on radio and TV. An endorsement deal is in the works with Lime & Coke as well as with Cloud 9, an aphrodisiac drink. There’s talk about an International Tour as well. I’m just so excited about everything and I’m already packed.

Jilli- Well, TNT, I really hope that everything manifests in your favor. I am personally rooting for you because you have brought me back to real Hip-Hop, the way that I am used to it sounding in my ears and the overall vibe. You’re a story-teller. That in itself is worthy of my listening ears. Please tell all of our readers where people can connect with you on Social Media.

Tha Nasty Tone- I’m easy to find. Just go to You can find all my social links from there and also you can hear my music playing on BDE Jamz http://bdentertainment.infoThank you once again for this opportunity. It’s been a pleasure.

Jilli- That’s it. You heard it here first. The EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with TNT Tha Nasty Tone, aka Mr. Lime & Coke.  He is a metaphorical, lyrical, in synch with the times, with old school feel, emcee. He is exciting and thought provoking and he knows how to deliver each rhyme with excellent inflection in his tone, which is another reason I am thinking that they call him Tha Nasty Tone. Definitely worth listening to, supporting, and fanning. He is old school, new school, but definitely, true school. I am hoping for a chance to score some VIP tickets the next time he’s in LA.


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