Ja’Vion McVadian


A review of Damn Moment, by Ja’Vion McVadian


Jilli- OK, so tell me, who is Ja’Vion? What are you about and is that your real name or stage name?

Ja’Vion- Ja’Vion is my trademarked stage name. Ja’Vion Mcvadian is a humbly romantic individual that loves to cater to the needs of the women that he encounters while keeping an open mind to the things that occur when it comes to that thing called love.

Jilli- Catering to the needs of women, huh? Well, that is certainly something that a lot of women will love. I see you started this “Heavy Set Sexy” movement. Can you tell me what that is about?

Ja’Vion- It’s not about the way I look as a heavy person. It’s about humble confidence in who and what I am inside as a person and as an artist that shines on the outside. I would like to thank each and every one of those who love and support this Heavy Set Sexy, R&B body of music!

Jilli- I like that. Humble confidence. And you should shine. You deserve to. Tell me, how did you get involved with music? Was R&B always your preferred genre?

Ja’Vion- Yes…I am in love with R&B music. 1991 was my first performance and I have been hooked ever since. Singing in different groups and performing solo had always been a dream of mine, but now, it’s my passion to entertain and create music for those going through things in their life that deal with all facets of love, life, and yes, even sex.

Jilli- Well, we can all identify with all those subjects that you just mentioned when it comes to love. It seems you have no hesitations when singing about it. That’s a very good thing! What do you like most about your music and what are some of the challenges you have faced as an artist?

Ja’Vion- What I love most about my music is that every lyric written comes straight from my heart and the experiences of my life. I love that I can write about what others can relate to and easily receive. The challenges I face as an artist is getting my music to people outside of my circle. I want everyone within the sound of my voice to get the chance to know who Ja’Vion really is, and if my voice can reach all the way around the world, that is the ultimate goal and the biggest challenge. Even with the internet, it’s hard to reach the target audience that will accept and appreciate the Heavy Set Sexy movement.

Jilli- I can definitely understand that. The voice of the Indie Artist is a loud one but can fall on deaf ears if no one is willing to listen. I personally think that the R&B sound and genre has been lacking lately, with the exception of some artists, and it’s nice to hear a voice like yours crooning from the East Coast. If you could collaborate with any one artist, who would it be and why?

Ja’Vion- Maxwell, because I sing falsetto like he does and I would love to have him write and arrange music for me. That’s the range where I feel most comfortable singing in.

Jilli- I loved Maxwell the first moment I heard his very first album. His music took me to another place. That falsetto, wooooo, yes. It is great that you can do to that, too. So, are you signed with management and if so, what are your plans for the immediate future?

Ja’Vion- I am signed to Showtime Entertainment out of Atlanta and my plans are to put out my new album, Heavy Set Sexy, and begin promoting it nationally as well as worldwide. I have a new music video called Tell A Friend with a fellow Hip-Hop artist Red Sonya, as well as a free app that will lead my fans directly to my website.

Jilli- Well that is great news. I look forward to your album and to this app. When you have that app, please update the TCP Community so we can add it to the site. Can you tell me what artists inspire you or what inspires you to continue to do music?

Ja’Vion- Tyrese is my biggest inspiration right now because he is not only putting out the music that I want to portray, but he is also doing it on an independent level. He is an author, a successful actor, and among many other accomplishments, he is a motivator. I am all of those things and want to pursue every avenue I can to be successful doing what I love.

Jilli- Wow, that is great. Truly, we can all achieve greatness if we are willing to try and go the distance. Are there any shows or performances lined up for you this year and if so, where?

Ja’Vion- As of right now in this interview, I have no shows coming up, but I am currently in talks to possibly go to Africa this year. If that happens, it will not only change my life, but it will change the life of my music, forever!

Jilli- Africa! Wow! That sounds exciting! I hope that works out for you. What advice do you have for artists who are just starting out and what advice have you taken from seasoned artists for yourself?

Ja’Vion- Make the music your passion, not your dream. Dreams without direction are simply dreams and if you are passionate about something, there will be no limit to where you can go with your music.

Jilli- Love it. Make the music your passion, not your dream should be one of your noted quotes. Where can people listen to and purchase your music?

Ja’Vion- My website is http://www.heavysetsexy.com. That is where you can stay updated about new music, new videos, new shows, and also download my mixtape, Javion, for free. This is where you will be able to purchase my new album, Heavy Set Sexy, as well as the Heavy Set Sexy merchandise that will be available in the near future.

RATING: **** (4 Jilli’s)  Woah. Adding to my collection.

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