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A review of Word Up, by Cudda Brown


Jilli- Qwanis Fowles, Cudda Brown, both interesting names, tell me, how did you come up with the name Cudda Brown and what is Cudda Brown all about?

Cudda Brown- I’m glad you think my names are interesting. Lol. The name Qwanis was a collaboration that came from my Aunt Janice and my mother, Lena. My aunt wanted to name me Quincy or a Quinton, something along those lines. But mom was like Uuhhhh no. Lol. So somehow, they agreed on Qwanis, and it has been trivial ever since. Oh and Cudda is my childhood nickname. My grandfather used to call me Downtown Cudda Brown. Lol. Though Cudda Brown wasn’t my first artist name, its the name that resonated with me most.

Jilli- Cool I love that story! Cudda Brown, your music is Hip-Hop, R&B, some Pop, a little Trap, what is going on with you and how do you do that? Just flip back and forth between so many genres? Do you prefer one genre over another or do you just make whatever comes to mind?

Cudda Brown- I owe my diversity to the people that I’ve met over the years. I’ve met and became friends with so many types of people from all over that do different things musically. So I’ve learned from them and that has made me a jack of all trades it seems. I used to have a singing group when I was in middle school. We rehearsed and everything. But sadly, after hitting high school, it became a memory. But I continued to pursue the dream of music, and my creation process is purely emotional….most times anyway.  I don’t prefer any one genre because each of the genre’s use serve a unique purpose unto itself. My rap is usually rougher, but I can convey more frustration, anger and excitement with it. But on occasion, I find room for romance in it, while singing allows for more happiness and sadness that I can’t vocalize in rap music.

Jilli- Wow. And I have definitely heard a lot of emotions in most of your songs. I heard your track Word Up when I featured it a few weeks back. I really enjoyed the lyrics because they were so real. Usually, the cursing kind of makes me squint a bit, but I understood what you were saying and felt your emotions. And I figured your son was in the video as well, which was a very touching aspect. Tell me, what motivates you to create what you create?

Cudda Brown- I’m glad it connected with you. I try to stay real in the tangible now. The truth of right now. The things we go through on a daily basis, while giving a sense of hope and a dream of the future… a positive future.  And yes, all the children you saw in the video are mine.  Starting with Timothy, he’s the oldest. Then Joshua and Nicolas. I  also have one that wasn’t shown. What is it that they say?  That art imitates life or that life imitates art? Either way, anything and everything inspires me. The small things.. And strangely enough, sometimes the lack of anything inspires me. Because now, its quiet and your mind is still and able to hear beyond the chatter of the 3rd dimension. Lol. Sorry went a bit Zen Master for a second.

Jilli- Haha! Zen Master. You’re funny! On your social media sites, like SoundCloud, I listened to several of your songs like 9 Days Old, Slow Me Down, Darth Vader, and now a more recent addition, She Can’t. I honestly don’t know what to say. I need a Cudda Brown playlist and will create one after this! You definitely don’t stay in one lane. What can you say about this because I don’t really know what my question is here on this one!

Cudda Brown- Yes I am a bit all over the place. Organized chaos, as I see it. Lol! There’s beauty in the shuffle of my music. A hidden message, if you pay close attention.

Jilli- A hidden message I see. Well, I am certain that I have been uncovering it little by little. Call me Sherlock Jilli! haha! Ok, so tell me with whom have you collaborated on and what is your favorite collaboration to date?

Cudda Brown- Wow. The collaboration question. You’d better get a snack, this may take a while. Lol.. Seriously I’ve collaborated with tons of artists, musician’s and producers. Too many to realistically name. But a few exceptions stand above the rest. People like Aissa Torres, who is a mega talented individual. She can write, sing, rap, act, I mean this woman is phenomenal to say the least. I’ve also worked with TNT Tha Nasty Tone,  we have something coming out really soon, along with another artist, Ryan Roush. I have also done work with Mr. Bootha Vandross. This brother is Hip-Hop Incarnate, smooth as butter and hot as habaneros. Lol. I’ve worked with Kendrick Shoalts aka Ken 430. What can I say? The man is ice cold with none of the hypothermia. Lol. Be on the look out for him. And for the last artist, a DJ named DJ Abe Samp. He is like the older brother I never had. What can’t this guy do?  He is a mentor,  writer/author, a radio personality, an old school DJ on the 1’s and 2’s, just a well spring of love and knowledge glued with wisdom. I can go on and on mentioning great artists. But it’s gonna get boring fast! Lol!

Jilli- Wow! That is so incredible, really. The way you described everyone tells me a lot about your personality and makes me feel as if you are a very humble musician. A lot of people who make music do not pay homage to the DJs so it’s great that DJ Abe Samp has been so influential in your musical endeavors, enough to receive credit and accolades.  Do you produce any of your music?

Cudda Brown– I’ve produced most of my music, with the exception of a few great pieces by other producers. But this new project I’ve been working on, I’ve taken on a young female producer so that I can just be an artist. You feel me?

Jilli- I definitely feel you, Cudda. You’re versatile, which is crucial in an ever growing industry. Where have your performed and can Cudda Brown Fans expect any performances any time soon?

Cudda Brown- To be honest I haven’t performed much since my babies were born. I took time out to be a father. But I’m currently seeking management and looking for performance opportunities abroad.

Jilli- That’s wonderful to hear. You sound like a great father. What other interests do you have aside from music?

Cudda Brown- Visual arts and technology are my escape. I’m a self employed graphic designer and a computer technician and I also own the clothing line Dweebz Apparel.

Jilli- What can you tell me is your ultimate goal in this music industry?

Cudda Brown- My ultimate goal is to leave a legacy for my children and for the children of the world. To be a voice of hope and inspiration for the underdog. To create an organization that helps the less fortunate, you know, all that humanitarian jive. Lol. Seriously, we have to be the catalyst for change. It’s easy to become caught in the routine and it’s hard to break the mental programming and conditioning our society and government feeds us from birth. So if I can wake up one or one million, my purpose has been fulfilled.


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