Nigel and his Nihilistic Ramshackle Band


  • Name:  Nigel and his Nihilistic Ramshackle Band
  • Hometown: Dorchester, Dorset, UK
  • Style of Music: Experimental Synth, Punk
  • Song Title: Nickels and Dimes
  • YouTube
  • Bio:
    Nigel and his Nihilistic Ramshackle Band was created by sole member Nigel Armstrong in 2010. His music is influenced by UK Punk, 60’s US Garage, and experimental synth bands. His album, Pyro Maniac Disco, was released in 2014 followed by More Songs About People I Know Who Died, which was released in 2017.
  • Quote: A left of the dial, off-kilter, pop-punk hurricane
  • Why should people know about you and your music? All songs are written, played, and recorded by Nigel Armstrong on a Zoom 16 HD Porta Studio using only a mic, guitar, and keyboard.

In my opinion, I think Nigel is very creative with his use of his synthesizer and keyboard. I like the sound and it reminds me of something that I could hear in an 80’s Breakfast Club type of movie. Overall,  I think it’s pretty rad that he did all this on his own in his own home. Goes to show you that creativity can live and breed anywhere, you just have to make it manifest. – Jilli