Mark E. Walker


Name: Mark E Walker
Hometown: Charleston, West Virginia
Style of music: Dance/Pop/R&B/Electronic
Song Title: Mark E Walker As MCSC Feat. Stevie B – Dream Girl
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In my opinion, Mark E Walker brought me right back to the 80’s, in a time where Freestyle Music was the music to make and dance to. I loved this track as soon as I heard it, however, I could be biased based on the fact that I love Stevie B, Dream Girl, and Freestyle Music in general. Mark will definitely get people on the dance floor with this, and we are talking about a mature crowd that will appreciate the vibes and sounds he is trying to bring to the table. I love his sound and his ideas. He has many tracks under his belt, including one with Freedom Williams from C&C Music Factory, called Here We Go. I know I generally feature only one song, but you gotta hear this one too! Mark, you caught my attention and to the TCP Community, don’t miss out on this guy right here.– Jilli