Johnny Smith aka Def B!

Def B

  • Name: Johnny Smith, AKA Def B!
  • Hometown: Santa Monica, California.
  • Style of Music:  Hip-Hop
  • Song Title: Imitation of Life- from the album Imitation of Life.
  • YouTube/Sound Cloud/Reverbnation Link:
  • Bio: Def B, born and raised in the Los Angeles area, relocated to Daytona Beach, Florida in the 90’s. Performing Hip-Hop music as a solo artist and also in groups The Hip-Hop Villains, Gutterborn Productions, and the rock band, The Sex Monkeys. He gained a reputation as a true emcee with his first two projects, Pressure Drops [2006] and The Inevitability of Life [2008], produced by local DJ M80. He joined producer Knot Envy and NVS RECORDS in 2013 and dropped the classic album T.A.B.U. REVAMPED. The two came back in 2015 and dropped their latest project, Imitation of Life. Along with DJ Dr. Skarabus, Def B continues to perform locally while working on his next project scheduled to drop sometime by the end of 2016.
  • Quote: We expect the world to be so captivating / sell our soul to feel something stimulating / is it reality you’re facing / or is your life an imitation. (Imitation of Life)
  • Why should people know about you and your music? If people really love hip hop music and don’t like what they hear in the mainstream, then I’m your man, bringing what we call a new old school flow.

In my opinion, Def B is an artist that I could not wait to feature on TCP. What he brings to the table is real Hip-Hop that doesn’t sound routine, but carefully written and spoken. Not only is he lyrical, but his music speaks real thoughts, real feelings, that make you have to rewind to hear it again. He has great tracks to add to this one like Dear Johnny and F.A.M.E. ft SueMe, just to name a few. He’s got plenty of great material and I look forward to hearing more from him. I do know he has a show coming up in May in Daytona so I will post more details about that in the WHAT’S HAPPENING Event Calendar as the time gets closer! – Jilli