Jack Scannell


  • Name: Jack Scannell
  • Hometown: Seattle, Washington until 2003, now Berlin, Germany
  • Style of music: HIP HOP JAZZ
  • Song Title: When Your Heart Can Beat For Love Again
  • YouTube/Sound Cloud/Reverbnation Link: www.reverbnation.com/jackscannell
  • Bio: Jack Scannell, a multi-instrumentalist, was born and raised into a Jazz family in Pittsburgh, PA. His father was a popular Jazz pianist with a daily radio show and was famous in the Pgh Jazz scene for many years. Scannell grew up listening to Tatum, Nat King Cole, and other true pioneers in the jazz idiom.Scannell played sax and flute with the RED GARLAND TRIO in Dallas, and performed in concert with various major Jazz artists, including keyboardist Red Garland, (after his stint with the MILES DAVIS QUINTET), and percussionist LEWIS NASH.Scannell also lived and performed Jazz and Blues in all corners of the United States, finally ending up in Seattle, WA to focus on New Age and various Fusion styles.He moved from Seattle to live in Barcelona, Spain in 2003 and played for five years in Barcelona with different Jazz/Blues groups, and as the reed player with the flamenco fusion band LUMBRE.

    He is currently living in Berlin, Germany, and involved in different Fusion projects, including Rock/Jazz Fusion. In late 2014, Scannell conceived a new genre called, “HIP HOP JAZZ,” and began developing and recording the style of playing smooth Jazz over Hip-Hop rhythms and effects. He is now in the process of producing a complete CD with a variety of Hip-Hop Jazz tracks.

    Scannell regularly travels for performances in Venice and Barcelona, and is available to travel anywhere in the world for live or studio venues. In addition to his Reverbnation site, he has numerous audio and video tracks that are located at http://fandalism.com/jaxsax.

  • Why should people know about you and your music? People should know about my music because I have created a new musical genre that I call Hip-Hop Jazz.  Based on the reviews and other feedback on different sites and Radio stations, I think it is unique and good enough to be recognized.

In my opinion, the interesting and soothing sounds of the sexy Jazz over the Hip-Hop beats, make this artist’s music worth listening to. As soon as I heard When Your Heart Can Beat For Love Again, I found my head nodding, my co-worker came over to see what I was listening to, and we both raised our eyebrows like ok, this is really good. I could hear lyrics to this, and I actually could hear a certain kind of voice on here for some reason, and while I am not sure if this music calls for lyrics, I will say it calls for your attention. Enjoy! – Jilli

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