Devin Tracy


Name: Devin Tracy
Hometown: Born in Miami, raised in Jacksonville, FL
Style of music: Singer/Songwriter
Song Title: No Ordinary Love – Sade Cover produced by The Vamp
Sound Cloud:
Bio: Devin is a young New York based artist who loves reviving older classics such as this one by Sade. From Covers, to Mashups and even original music; Devin is the epitome of what you get when you mix great writing with a beastly vocal range. This summer Devin will release his next major project that is being produced by “The Vamp“.
Why should people know about you and your music? People should know about my music because there is a story. Although the theme or tempo may change, the story is still the same, all from the same book.

In my opinion, I was chomping at the bit to get this feature. The first time I heard Devin Tracy, it was from a Facebook share on my news feed. I clicked on the link and man, I was taken away. His voice commands attention. His arrangement of  “No Ordinary Love” didn’t take away anything from the original, just enhanced it and brought it to a new place. His sound is unique, his vibe is original, I watched and listened to some of his videos on Facebook of him performing live with an acoustic accompaniment and let me tell you, he is worth watching from beginning to end, with a thirst and hunger for more. Devin Tracy should not be overlooked. He is the definition of what music is supposed to do to you when you hear it. – Jilli

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