Cudda Brown


  • Name: Qwanis Fowles
  • Stage Name: Cudda Brown
  • Hometown: Miami, FL
  • Style of music: Hip-Hop, R&B, Electronic
  • Song Title: Word Up
  • YouTube/Sound Cloud/Reverbnation Link:
  • Quote: Alter the reality to live the dream
  • Why should people know about you and your music? I consider myself a well rounded individual who can artistically and creatively relay a message to the people of the world. A message of hope, love, and the willingness to stand up and fight for a righteous cause. Though we all fall short, I want to be a beacon for the underdog and the guy who always draws the short straw, a voice for the overlooked and abused. And hey, I like to have fun too. We all live in this world together. It’s time we acted like it.

In my opinion, Cudda Brown has that sound, that vibe, those metaphors that make you raise your eyebrows. His concepts for his music reach further than where the music hits your ears. His insightful lyrics, rhythmic sounds, and unique delivery, definitely make him an artist to check out and become a fan of. – Jilli