Cesar Comanche

Cesar Comanache

Name: Cesar Comanche
Hometown: Jacksonville, NC
Style of music: Boom Bap
YouTube/Sound Cloud/Reverbnation Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Ez5C6ir6WU
Quote: “Cesar Comanche has that sound! His Style is like Seasoning Salt on beefy Beats” – Casual (Hieroglyphics)
Why should people know about you and your music? A kid from a small town in the south played a significant part in keeping Boom Bap Rap music alive today.

In my opinion,  I waited a while before getting to post this feature and for what reason, I have no idea. This is not an artist to sleep on or wait on. I am loving his sound, his vibe. My head was immediately nodding to this, reminding me of CL Smooth and Pete Rock, the hook is memorable, and it’s just a good feeling all around. I know Comanche is touring right now, with a stop in Daytona Beach, FL on May 1st and I am looking forward to hearing more from him. Great sound, great lyrics, great vibe and yet one more song to add to my playlist. – Jilli