Brandon Gonzales


  • Name: Brandon Gonzales
  • Hometown: Athens, GA
  • Style of Music: Hip Hop
  • Song Title: B-Boy – Come and See Me (Remix)
  • Bio: 22 year old male Indie Hip-Hop artist from Winder, Georgia, raised in Madison and Athens, GA.
  • Quote: Stars can’t shine without darkness
  • SoundCloud link
  • Why Should People Know About Your Music? People should know my music because it’s easy to listen to, it has story telling, and has meaning, unlike most of the music that is out nowadays.  Each song has a story. If you take time to hear my music, you can feel the emotions through every bit of the lyrics.

In my opinion, I believe that every artist has something unique to offer to the music industry. This kind of reminds me of a little bit of Drake and was a real mellow song. I’d like to see what else Brandon Gonzales comes up with and wish him nothing but success on his future endeavors. – Jilli