Who Do You Trust?


So you haven’t got a manager, no personal resource that you know in the industry, nobody to ask the questions you need the answers to. Where do you go then and who do you trust to give you the right answers? The answer is…………. no one.

Artists, whether independent or major, must all do their own research. You should never for one second leave your career or brand at the hands of someone else. You are the one who should know everything, or mostly everything, because we can’t all know everything, as there is much to learn, but my point is, you should be the one to know mostly everything about your career and how to achieve the goals you have.

Since I began writing this blog with the interests of the independent artist in mind, I have offered plenty of advice and resources all to help you in your dreams of becoming successful. Always remember that no one on this earth, nor in this industry, can guarantee you success. You must network and you must position and promote your brand and much as you possibly can.

Still, there are some questions that need a physical response, guidance of some sort, and the kind of people that come to mind are notable music directors, radio station program managers, music supervisors, and the like. But how can you connect with these people?

As mentioned in an earlier blog, a Music Conference is a great way to connect with them. Also, utilize LinkedIn*, a professional network for working professionals. You can connect with industry professionals on there and start building a rapport, enough for you to get to a place where you can send them an inbox and talk to them about their career first. Don’t just inbox them right away after they’ve accepted your request. Give them time. Do your research on them, see what they are doing and where they are doing it and who they are doing it with. Look at their list of achievements or accolades, businesses that they are affiliated with. Remember, it’s all about networking.

If you are one of those artists that bombard an industry professional right away, trust me, you will be dismissed immediately, just like all the thousands of others. Take your time. In the meantime, continue to build your network and continue on in your research. Many of these professionals belong to forums and groups. Join them, and see how you can learn and grow in your business from advice and tidbits that you might find on there.

A friend of mine actually told me about an app called Meet Up*. I am in no way affiliated with them, but I did find a plethora of musicians and songwriters who literally meet up at different locations to vibe, chat, connect, collaborate, and learn.  There are organizers who are constantly posting different events and things and all you have to do is show up. Again, the key here is networking. This will be the rubber band to catapult your goals into existence.

If you have any ideas, questions, or just want to chat about the music business, you can respond on here or send me an email to thecoordinatedpublicist@gmail.com.

Have a good day, all and remember, the key to your growth as a brand is YOU. – Jilli

*  I am not affiliated with LinkedIn or Meetup by any means and they have not paid me to place them in my blog. I wish they did though because that could be a nice source of extra income.