Music For Dummies

It’s Jilli. I’ve been on hiatus for a bit handling personal things, such is life. But I am back in the swing of things and wanted to provide some updates for you all in case you were needing some updates from lil’ ol’ me.

From my time off social media, I have still had clientele and can only share with you my interactions with them and their experiences in this lovely world we call the Music Industry. Some recent issues that have presented themselves were: producers that did not get their credits on songs, artists that did not copyright, register, and encode their music, and artists who do not have any music videos or content to connect with their potential fans on.

So let’s address one thing at a time, shall we?

One- If you worked with a producer on a song, do your paperwork. Friend or no friend, you must both cover yourselves so that there will be no issue. Many artists make the mistake of either not crediting the producer, not sharing royalties with the producer, or just negating that they even worked with the producer at all. Remember that without them, your song would not have been. So, work out all the things you need to work out BEFORE submitting your song for radio airplay or placement. Work out percentages and rights and all that nitty gritty stuff before you even move forward with your collaborated project, because that is what it is, a collaborated project. Some distribution sites will allow you to register a song without crediting the person who created the music, yet still, many others will not allow you to move forward without that information listed. So, do the right thing. Give credit where credit is due. This will allow you to have a good rapport with your producer and allow them to continue to work with you on future projects.

Two– You’ve got a hot song. It’s being well received by your peers and friends of your peers. Ok, now what? Did you copyright it? Register it with a PRO (Performing Rights Organization)? Did you get it encoded? If you didn’t do any of those things, you, my good friend, are behind the 8 Ball. Registering your song on BMI or ASCAP or any other PRO is free. Get an account. I listed it on my RESOURCES FOR MUSICIANS page. Copyright your material, that link is on there, too. In addition, in order to be tracked for radio play, you need to encode your songs. Sign up for an account on Nielsen BDS. Get that crackin’ so you can track your tracks.

Three– A client of mine is a manager for an artist. He has zero content on YouTube. He has a great song, no visuals. He cannot get booked anywhere because promoters and booking agencies do not see any content of him performing his song or any visuals to match his brand. Hello? Videos are important. They are the “new demo”. People want to see something, so give them something to see. Investing in yourself is important because if you don’t, no one else will. Save your money to produce a quality video for your song. Then, do what you have to do to promote it. Hey, once you have that video, send it over here so we can help you promote it, too.

There will be more content being delivered soon. I do apologize for the long delay. Have a good one for now. – Jilli