A Dedication To Prince


These past few days have been very difficult to deal with once the news of Prince’s death came about. I can’t even begin to recount how devastated our office was, just completely in shock and also,  it allowed me personally, to put so many things in perspective.

Prince was and forever will be an icon, a symbol, an incredibly gifted man whose contributions to the world of music will never cease, nor be forgotten. His ability to play over 20 instruments, to construct songs, to perform at high velocity, to engage with his audience, even to create music for others to sing and perform, I mean, truly, his works can never go un-noticed.

There has been plenty of speculation, talks of conspiracy, talks of things that I never want to talk about because I believe so much in the music that I try not to focus on the negativity surrounding it. Be that as it may, I cannot help but wonder myself, why him, why now? To me, it seems that he was not yet done with this world yet, and that he still had plenty of things to do and accomplish. This is the general feeling when either someone close to us passes unexpectedly, or when someone passes who is very young. In either case, the loss is felt and hurts very much.

While I didn’t know him personally, I do know that what he intended to do with his music and new album was the same as he had always done with albums past: inspire people, help people to find themselves, give people hope, help people through things, find love, whatever it is that evoked the listener to feel, his plan was just that.And he will succeed in doing that. Whether he is here or not, his music will live on.

Prince, it seems like a nightmare to know that you are gone. It seems like a really bad dream. I have to believe though, that somewhere, in another form, another existence, you are still doing what you were manifested to do, whether on this earth, this lifetime, or another. You were destined to create music that touched lives all over the world. And while I listen to the mainstream songs on repeat, I know, that your full albums are the diary to your life, the testimony to the music that was in your heart to create. May you rest forever eternally in peace.– Jilli