Time To Put On Your Big Undies

The music industry can be a very scary place, a very intimidating place, a place full of unknowns and all different kinds of variables. Anything can happen, and it can go your way, or completely opposite. The thing to remember is to always have your game face on and be ready for any challenge. Never, EVER let ’em see you sweat.

How many times will you hear “no” before you hear a “yes“? The chances are, probably a million times (ok a little exaggerated but you get the drift). The truth is, you will hear no so many times and it can get daunting ORRRRR it can make you re-shift gears and have a different approach to how you are marketing your brand. The music industry doesn’t have time for cry babies. Either you are about your business or you’re not. Point blank period.

An important thing to remember about being in any industry, whether it is corporate america, music, or your own business, you are selling your brand and you do not want to appear weak or less than stellar at any interval. That’s when people lose interest and faith in what you are selling. Think about it like this: The moment a well-known pizza chain has an issue that goes national, they do everything in their power to correct and make it better. They don’t want to stay with that stigma that something is wrong with their product. They revamp and reorganize, they rework and redirect their whole marketing process. Eventually, people forget or they just latch on to what is being sold to them now. Point being that every failure is a chance for new success.

By now, you have learned from reading the blogs on TCP, how important it is to have all your ducks in a row. From registering with a PRO, to copyrighting all your materials, to seeking great representation in your corner, to having interesting and engaging social media for all of your potential fans. There will be plenty of mistakes that you will make, but you have to LEARN from them and learn NOT to repeat them. You have to build and expand on your empire and the only way to do that is to do the research and leg work yourself. If this is your business, you should know the ins and outs of EVERYTHING about it. And while it is nearly impossible to learn ALLLLLLL there is to know about it, this is why it’s crucial to network with others in the same industry. Joining forums, reading books, talking to people in the industry, going to ASCAP and songwriting events, you need to do it all, if it is that important to you to be in this business.

I always say that true legends did not start off as famous or already known. They started off just like you, independent, a true artist with a thirst that could not be quenched for their music and sharing it with the world. OK, sooommme may have had overnight successes, in your opinion anyway, but do you even realize how long they were working towards their dream to make things happen? Salmon have to swim upstream against the current, only the strong and determined will make it to the other side. Is that going to be you?

Ladies, you have it especially hard out there. The world is a superficial place and more likely than not, “sex” sells. So if this is not what you’re about, (hopefully not), then you have to get people to see past that and appreciate the talent and music that you have to share. Women will constantly get judged on their appearance and weight, yada yada yada. It’s sad, really. Video killed the radio star, right? But, my point is, if your music is everything you say it is, then your confidence level has to be at the utmost level so that people are drawn to your music because not only is it good, but you KNOW it’s good and your aura emits an air of confidence that will make you be the talk of every kitchen table (or social media app at the table). Confidence is a very sexy thing and to me, that can make or break a woman in any industry.

Fellas, men always have something to prove. It’s in your nature since you are born. Who’s tougher, who’s stronger, who’s this, who’s that? But in this industry, they will try to break you. Your confidence and will power and determination, your game face, this will say everything about you and what kind of man you are. Also, unless you are trying to make a fashion statement, take yourself seriously and pull your pants up. People in this industry are very critical. You can always be who you are, no one is saying not to, you can always express yourself, after all, you ARE an artist, but when in Rome, do as the Romans do. That means, take pride in your appearance, there’s a time and a place for EVERYTHING.

This is merely advice from me to you, a publicist who has seen it all, who continues to work with and coach up and coming artists on their careers, and from someone who genuinely believes in your artistry and projects and wants nothing more than for you to succeed, so take heed. You don’t come to a football game with a Frisbee, so why go to an industry event or interact with industry people unprepared? Remember, game face on. Always. All the time.

Ladies, time to put your big girl panties on, fellas, time to put your big drawers on. If you had one chance to make it, you have to do everything in your power to make IT happen. Also, don’t exclude any positive opportunity to showcase your work. You may limit yourself by only setting one goal for yourself. Remember, music doesn’t just get put on the radio. It’s everywhere and in every thing. – Jilli