Got An Extra Buck? Support an Indie Artist!

Dollar here, dollar there, dollar’s everywhere. Let’s face it, we all spend money on frivolous things. In case you don’t know what frivolous means, it means unnecessary or things we really don’t need. Instead of spending that extra buck on a McDonald’s dollar menu item, (sorry McDonald’s, not trying to steer away your customers here), how about spending that precious $1.00 on an Independent Artist’s music?

Do you even know how much money it costs an artist with no support to create just one track? You’re talking about studio time and copyrights, marketing and packaging, you’re talking about a real investment into a dream that more often than not, goes unsupported. So as I look at this lonely dollar in my wallet, I have a choice- spend it on myself for an instant gratification that will only last moments, or, spend it on a song from an Indie Artist that will last a lifetime in my iPod or computer or phone, or whatever smart device I have in my purse this month.(Jogging seems to destroy a lot of phones, I don’t know why).

Anyway, I strongly believe in the plight of the musicians that are trying to realize dreams. Ok, so the reality is that not every body will make it out there, the reality is that not every artist will reap the financial benefits of their hard work. But, true artists will get a real rise from knowing that they made someone’s favorite song, or that they are known in the towns locally as the “real deal”or a legend,  or just to even know that someone all the way across the world thinks you are super uber famous because they heard your song on an internet radio station. That is the real reward. In the mean time, that reaalllly doesn’t pay the bills so if you are thirsty to hear something from the artist who just made a song you really love, then throw a buck or two their way, it will make you feel good to do it, promise.

In the mean time, as this weekend is upon us, me and the rest of my friends are going to try to check out Panic in L.A. feat. DJ Premier, Craze, StarRo, Groundislava, and N.A.S.A. and J.Worra at The Belasco Theater. It’s tonight at 9 p.m. and tickets start at $25. Check out the site for more info:

Hope you guys listen to some great music this weekend, see some great artists this weekend, and support some great artists this weekend. – Jilli