So Much Music, So Little Time? Noooo….

These past few weeks have literally FLOWN by. To me, it seems the only time I have to really be engaged with the music I am listening to is when I walking my dog, Puppy. And as the playlist gets longer, my walks get longer, Puppy is happier, and my waist is getting smaller. So I guess I can’t complain.

However, being in this industry exposes me to a lot of artists who are just so chock full of talent, it’s so incredible to watch their masterpieces at work. For instance, take Devin Tracy, an artist I featured a couple of weeks back. His cover of Sade’s No Ordinary Love is what I put on when I get in my car to just zone out into another dimension, of course, paying attention as I drive because this is LA and you can’t NOT pay attention. But, you get my drift. His sound takes me to another planet. I follow that up with Certain People Listen Hurt Me Too Bad. It’s one of those nod your head as you drive songs. I like songs like that.

Then, when I start out on my walks, I put on Aissa TorresYou Wanna Dance because it sets the pace for my steps. It sounds like a warm up for a Zumba Class or something. Hey Zumba, have you heard that song yet? After that, I start my jog with Daze The Nomad’s Running Man. That song is epic to run to. Then, comes Friday nights and after work, we always go out to the local lounges and when I am getting my face on, I am listening to Lime and Coke by TNT Tha Nasty Tone because that makes me want to get my dance on, and the drink is pretty good, too.

Next thing you know, I am bumping and grinding to Miss. Weirdy’s Jamaican Girl, a hot Reggae Club track that makes me want to move as soon as I hit play. Top that off with Cudda Brown’s Word Up and Jack Scannell’s amazing collection of Hip-Hop Jazz music, and I am in my own Independent Music Artist heaven. When I go to bed, I listen to Ingrid Smith and her Castle of Ice. That lady sends my heart into a whirlwind of emotions. Sometimes, I can’t help but to tear up because her music is just so touching, you would have to be stone cold not to feel it. And even though I didn’t feature it, her other song, Bless You My Child, featuring a young lady named Sarah Starchak, needs to be the theme song for this generation. I love when songs make me feel what the artist is feeling. To me, that is real music.

The music from the Indie Artists is what sets my soul ablaze. I feel like I would be so lost if it were not for these incredible artists and their incredible compositions. And sometimes, we as listeners, have no idea what goes on behind the songs and how it gets from paper to become a sound recording. I know that one musician, Michael Winter, is an incredible composer and has composed many songs working with artists like Ingrid Smith and Aissa Torres and Cudda Brown. To us at TCP, that shows incredible range and versatility and we have nothing but respect for that man and for other composers like him.

So whoever said that there is too much music and not enough time is seriously not making enough of an effort to listen. We have no CHOICE but to listen, so we make the time. We could be in the shower, in the car, walking, exercising, waiting on hold, having a little break from office work to listen to the latest from Mark E Walker or Jamiison G or even Ja’Vion McVadian. Whatever it is, we are listening. So if we can make the time, so can you.

The world would be incomplete without music. So indie artists, whatever it is that you are feeling to create, please create it so it could be one of our next favorite songs. – Jilli

p.s. I am still waiting to feature DJ’s and a unique rap group from Uganda called the URL. Hoping to see these interviews soon so I can post it up on TCP!