Submit Submit Submit, but to what?

You hear it and see it all day every day, especially if you are an indie artist trying to break out in the industry. You do a Google search for “labels accepting submissions” and “radio stations accepting music“. Then comes the influx of results. And then you become overwhelmed. What do I submit to? What am I submitting to? You click on a few links, some sites look so complicated you back out, some look easy enough and then want you to REALLY submit to them, like if you don’t read all the fine print, you basically just sold your soul, for free. And then there are some legit sites that you find, and if you are kind, you share with your other musician friends to help them too, and if you’re not, well, we all know what you do (you selfish little *#@!#), just kidding. We respect your grind.

In recent years, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis have proven you don’t necessarily need a major label record deal to “make it” in today’s music industry. That said, the duo had already been performing for a decade in their hometown, so their fan base has had time to accumulate. When they released their acclaimed album, The Heist, they did so with the help of Warner Music Group’s independent distribution company, the Alternative Distribution Alliance. This helped the album expand into markets the pair would have otherwise not had access to or an easy time navigating. – Sonic Bids

But the truth is guys and gals, it IS hard to find a legitimate site to submit your music to for consideration. Many DJs swear by sites like SoundCloud to listen to the latest music from Indie Artists. So if you’re using it already, good deal. If you don’t have a SoundCloud, go sign up for one. This is a great way to connect with groups of people who enjoy music like the kind you make, network, drop your music in those groups, and gain fans and hopefully, plays on a larger scale.

Reverbnation also is a great tool to use to grow your fan base, incorporate all your sites into one coffee clotch from YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and be able to submit to events, opportunities, festivals, labels seeking new artists, etc. You can also sign up for a free trial and do an EPK (Electronic Press kit), which is like your musical resume. Doing this is essential in your career. Having this tool allows labels, managers, venues, and anyone who is interested in you and your music, to view your demographics, listen to your tracks, watch your videos, and see your write ups, shows you have performed in, and photos. If you don’t have a Reverbnation account, might as well go ahead and sign up for that too.

Music X-Ray is another site that allows you to submit your music for consideration on movies, TV, music libraries, and other projects. It’s a bit complicated and takes a long time, but I have heard a lot of good results from this site. You have to allocate the time to spend detailing every bit of your song, from the BPM, to the mood it’s in, to the genre, the time, the lyrics, who it might sound like, etc. But all of these fields just help whoever is seeking music like yours to find it, and fast, when they are looking in the library, of course, if your music got accepted to one and it’s in there.

And last but not least, if you feel you got a club banger track, then you need to check out the DJ Record Pools. There is this list that I found that lists the Top 5 on DJ Booth.

#5 – Franchise Record Pool

Price – $19.99/mo
Coming in at the number five spot, is one of the oldest record pools in the game. The legendary Funk Master Flex started Franchise Record Pool in 1996 (serving actual vinyl at the time), and has continued to develop the site into one of the top MP3 pools available. Because of his fame and longevity in music, Flex’s site is able to provide exclusive tracks that many of the other pools are not able to obtain. Beyond the music, the site contains a long list of social features that DJs &artists can use to gain an advantage. Flex has been known for years for his record breaking, so anything that he puts his name on is guaranteed gold.

• Over 20,000 tracks available for immediate download
• Mobile app for iPhone and iPad for listening on the go
• Online tech support
• Old and new music videos for the VJs
• Provides DJ tools including scratch samples and sound effects

• Site tends to be cluttered and can be hard to navigate
• Contains a large selection of genres but is mostly overshadowed by hip-hop and R&B
• Has so many side features that it can be confusing to users


Price – $50.00/mo
iDJPool was founded in 1985 and originally titled Illinois Music Pool. Since then it has developed into one of the top record pools on the Internet, and used by DJs around the world. There is nothing too fancy about the way iDJPool looks, but what sets it apart is it’s vast variety of music. Opposed to most record pools where hip-hop and dance music are dominating the site, this pool has a much deeper selection of country and rock music. It is also unique in the sense that it offers two different methods of downloading the track (FTP download and classic web browser download). The site comes at a steep price of $50 a month, but if this is too much, the site offers their alternate sites and for a reduced price. This is my personal pick for the wedding DJs out there.

• Wide variety of genres and song selection
• Multiple methods of downloading tracks
• Site alternatives for DJs with specific needs
• Minimal layout, less confusion
• Great selection of mash-ups

• Expensive to join
• Streaming seems more complicated than other sites
• Does not have as much EDM as other sites

#3 – My MP3 Pool

Price – $19.99/mo
MyMP3Pool recently renovated their site into a whole new machine. With great looking aesthetics and a great price, this is a tough one to beat. MMP offers downloadable videos, as well as the rest of the expected content of a top record pool, but goes a step further and offers their own custom made 8-bar intros. This is a subtle, yet great way to ensure that your mixes have their own unique style. Aside from the intros, MMP keeps it relevant with the latest hip-hop and EDM. They keep their site well balanced with genres all across the board, as well as a section devoted to throwbacks. To top it off, many of the songs come pre-labeled key value for those who mix in key.

• Great site layout
• Genre specific charts including newer genres like Trap, Twerk, Rhythmic, etc.
• Mobile app with Queuing capabilities
• Custom Intro and Outro tracks
• Discounted plans for longer subscriptions

• Song previews are only 60 seconds
• Using the search function can be confusing

#2 – Digital DJ Pool

Price – $12/mo, $1 five-day trial
While Digital DJ Pool may have made our #2 spot because of their unbeatable price, they also happen to offer one of the best record pools on the market. First let’s address the elephant in the room. Nowhere in the World Wide Web will you find a record pool of this quality, for a price this low. If that wasn’t enough to sell you, Digital DJ Pool allows the user to trial their site for five days for only $1. While they may not offer video like some of the other listed sites, there is really nothing else missing from this pool. The songs are current, the clean/dirty ratio is on point, and did we mention it was $12 a month?

• Affordable price
• Simple layout
• Full song streaming from main page
• Wide variety of genres
• Great selection of remixes

• No video downloads
• Room for more intro tracks

#1 – DJcity

Price – $30/mo
Coming in at the top of the list is DJcity. These guys have been killing the game for quite some time now and it is doubtful that they will be going anywhere anytime soon. They update their tracks on an actual daily basis and have any song that you can imagine. The layout of the site is great and it even identifies the key of most tracks. This is one of the most common DJ pools in the world and by subscribing it is a guarantee to have the hottest tracks out. All that is left to do is know when to play them.

• Great layout
• Daily releases of the hottest tracks out
• Wide variety of genres and recent remixes
• Run by a large team of DJs
• Monthly Top 50 chart
• Mobile app included with subscription

• No video downloads

That’s all I got for right now TCP Community. Until tomorrow or the next, whenever I find more useful information for you guys! – Jilli


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