The Importance Of Professionally Recorded Tracks


Listening to music is something that most of us do on a daily basis. Sometimes, especially if you’re an artist, you kind of listen to your own music…a lot. You may even imagine different concepts for videos and envision certain situations that can come from your music being “out there”. Let me pull you back down to earth just for a little bit, not to pop your balloon, but to give you a new source of air to keep flying.

We get music videos and song submissions daily. We watch videos and listen to new music daily. We speak with current artists and potential artists, daily. So sometimes, our ears can get a little drowned out…daily. Get my drift? So while we are all avid music lovers, sometimes, we need to step away from the music for a while so when we get back to it, it’s fresh in our ears.  I think most sound engineers would agree with this after working with an artist on a song all night long. You might need a coffee break or smoke break or something in order to get a new idea or fresh perspective on the track, even maybe hear something you hadn’t before because you listened to it too much.

Why are you in such a rush to get your song recorded and out the door? If there is a chance that you can enhance it, and I am not talking about special effects, I’m talking about taking a break from it, maybe even a day, then listening to it again, maybe with someone who you know will give you their honest opinion, then maybe you might see a way to add something to, or even take something away from it. But if you rush it, then it’s not your best. And you only want to submit your best, right? Right.

We all know that studio time costs money. And we also know that many artists cannot necessarily afford studio time. That doesn’t mean you cut corners. Trust me, if you recorded something out of your kitchen or bathroom, we can hear it. We may not know who’s kitchen or bathroom it is, but we can tell it’s NOT a professional recording studio. The reason that studio time costs money, especially if you have a great engineer, is because they are helping to craft your project, your product, that you are trying to sell. Always remember that you are a brand, and if your brand sells quality stuff, you will have customers. If you brand does not have quality stuff, better keep your day job.

Every artist creates different music in all different kinds of genres. So in order to be on the same playing field to start with, you need to have a track that is professionally recorded so it doesn’t get tossed right away. You may have such a great idea for the song and amazing lyrics and structure, but it won’t get heard if the production is poor. Think about it like this, if your mom was taking you to church on Sunday, is she going to tell you to wear your Sunday best or come in your jeans? You can do what you want, but I can guarantee you that the Sunday best will make your brand look a whole lot better for you.

Every day we are enticed to buy products due to marketing that we see everywhere. From TV to radio to newspapers and magazines. Next time you see an advertisement that catches your eye enough to want to make you purchase that product, think about why this interested you enough to take it a step further to invest your hard earned money into that company. You want people, fans, to do the same with you. Your professionally recorded track says a lot about who you are and what your music is about.

As we continue on through the stacks of CDs, MP3s in the emails, which we keep telling people not to send, but they send it anyway, (hey, reading is fundamental kids), and we listen to every song, even the bathroom ones, the feeling is always the same. Man! This would sound so much better if it was professionally recorded. For those of you who have not heard back from companies or record labels or managers or radio stations, and you know your song was not done in a professional studio, or at least with a sound engineer who knows what they are doing, then this is probably the reason. Save your money, do what you have to do (of course, positive things), in order to save the money you need to get a good and professional finish on your project. It matters.

At the end of the day, the music speaks for itself. And as we continue to find new artists to listen to and work with and promote and add to our personal collections, it is the music that takes us to a whole other place, one where we connect with the artist we are listening to, and oftentimes, imagine what they were feeling when they recorded that song.

Each week, we will feature a new artist, so don’t forget to tune in every Sunday to see the latest Independent Artist Review. We had such a great time interviewing TNT Tha Nasty Tone last week and reviewing his song, Lime & Coke, which is actually a very popular song among all my colleagues. I think some of us are going out tonight after work and might have to order this to see what it’s like!  Bartender, two drinks over here! (That’s from the song).

Anyway, guys, this is the start of a new and beautiful weekend. If you’re making music, take heed to the advice. If you are performing somewhere, let us know so we can let our readers know too! Hey, you never know just who is watching and listening. The more you are out there, the more potential you have to be discovered and make your brand go commercial. – Jilli


By the way, do you know a studio or sound engineer that you would like to shout out or recommend? We are all ears! Tell us by commenting below!